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Professional Credential Check


We provide professional license and certification verification. We verify, identify type and status of a license (s) issued to a wide variety of professionals through licensing agencies including physicians, nurses, allied health personnel contractors, accountants, lawyers, architects, tax preparers, engineers, etc.  

Professional license verification is performed when the position requires the applicant to possess the skills the professional license indicates they have mastered. Applicants often falsify attaining a professional license or continue to practice after a license has expired or has been revoked. 

We confirms all professional license credentials and reports the date of issuance, expiration date, suspensions, and disciplinary actions when available. 

As an employer you need to know that the information your employee has provided is accurate and in good standing. You need to know if there are any outstanding complaints, sanctions and or convictions relating to his or her professional license either by the professional organization, previous clients and or government agencies.

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